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November 25, 2009


Randall Ryder

Great post - very important information for people setting trusts for people with special needs.

Kristina Vickstrom, Esq.

Good info. Unfortunately many trustees don't know how to properly do their jobs. I wish more attorneys would include trustee instructions as part of the supplemental needs trust/special needs trust process, rather than ending representation at the drafting.

Companionship Care for Elderly

I am delighted to understand writing of your expose. I always feel pleasure to meet with those people who have good feelings for their elders.




I wish more attorneys would include trustee instructions as part of the supplemental needs trust/special needs trust process, rather than ending representation at the drafting.

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eldercare virginia

Which presidential hopeful has a plateform regarding elder care?

Matthew Karr

Thanks for the info--it is indeed a very fine line that trustees must balance in helping spacial needs clients. Glad to see you are helping to keep them educated in CT.

Attorney Bucks County

Thanks for posting this. This information is definitely going to help a lot of people. I've bookmarked the blog to read more later on.

Asian Tv

While some parents choose children or other relatives as trustee, in our view, this is a mistake. We believe that an independent corporate trustee with experience in this area should be appointed. However, family members are often named as “special trustees” to act as a liaison between the disabled individual and the trustee.

George Garcia

I would agree that if someone with special needs is a beneficiary of a special needs trust and is also receiving SSI benefits then the Trustee of the trust must be very careful to not make any distributions that would jeopardize SSI eligibility.

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Gute Blog ... Ihr Blog ist sehr hilfreich ... Ich bin froh, diesen Beitrag sehr nützlich für mich, da es viele Informationen enthält. Ich habe immer lieber um die Qualität der Inhalte und diese Sache, die ich in dir erlaubt, gefunden zu lesen. Thanks for sharing.

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