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December 28, 2007



My 88 year old father was at a local (5 star) nursing home, West
view, for rehab following hip replacement. At lunch one day he tells the assistant that he didn't understand the TV (which he had been using for a week) the assistant immediately went and told the nurse; who did nothing. I came in six hours later and found him unable to speak well and having trouble seeing. They called his doctor and they wanted to "wait and see" yeah wait and see if he dies. To which I told them he's going to the emergency room. The information they sent over said "he was generally confused" which he was not, he is sharp as a tack and even the helper girl said she reported it because she had many lengthy discussions with him and knew something was wrong. An obvious attempt to cover up for their lack of proper attention to the matter. Long story short he had a stroke and thankfully he'd been on aspirin so there was little damage. But these people are criminal in their neglect of the situation and I'll be filling a complaint so that we can testify against them when they get around to killing someone next time.

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